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Mark Legg


+1 903-283-1717


Dallas Baptist University 

B.A. Philosophy and Biblical Studies (double major)
GPA: 3.9


University of Edinburgh 
MSc. Philosophy, taught. (Fall 2023 – Fall 2024)



Philosophy of mind, metaphysics, philosophy of religion

WORK EXPERIENCE                

Research Intern at Denison Forum  
Staff Writer at Denison Forum 
Associate Editor at Denison Forum 

Freelance Writer and Editor



“On Aquinas’ Rejection of Anselm’s Ontological Argument”         
              - Undergraduate thesis submitted to Dr. Todd Kappelman


Graduate work

"Folk don’t need to be Von Neuman computers: Mental representations and Folk Psychology"

"The Conversational Individual: A Response to Anscombe"

"Attunement, Perceptual Faith, and Thaumazein: How wonder intertwines Heidegger, Husserl, and Merleau-Ponty"


“Exploratory Research Concerning Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism” 
“Exegesis and Translation of John 15:12-17”


Author of over 100 articles on Denison Forum about a range of topics, including current events, culture, science, apologetics, politics, book reviews, and biblical interpretation, accumulating over 400,000 page views. 



Co-author of Sex and Marriage: Unlocking and Restoring the Power of Sex through Biblical and Psychological Insight, Kindle Direct Publishing, February 2024.

Co-author with Dr. Jim Denison of the chapter: “Evangelism in a post-Christian world: Marrying truth with Compassion,” Crossway, 2024. 

Co-author of Biblical Insights into Tough Questions, Vol. 11, Denison Forum, 2023, and Biblical Insights into Tough Questions, Vol. 12, Denison Forum.


Dr. Berisalv Marusic (Director of the University of Edinburgh Philosophy MSc)

Dr. Jen Marusic (Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh)

Dr. Jared Brandt (Former Program Director of Phil at DBU)     
Blake Atwood (Denison Forum Editorial Director) 



               “What does Gen Z believe?”                                     Denison Forum 
               “What does the Bible say about tattoos?”               Denison Forum
               “What does the Bible say about work?”                   Denison Forum
               “What does the Bible say about Transhumanism?” Denison Forum 
               “What does the Bible say about Pornography?”     Denison Forum

Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science, Advanced Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science, Phenomenology, Ethics of AI, Naturalism, Proseminar (Philosophy of the Self). Audited: Wittgenstein and Advanced Mind, Language, and Embodied Cognition.


Global Scholars Mentor (Ford Village LLC)
President Psi Omega Phi (DBU fraternity)
High School Debate Team (10th place national tournament champion in LD) 


Christian Leadership Scholarship (20% of tuition)
Academic Honors Scholarship DBU (20% of tuition)
Church Matching Scholarship ($7,000 per semester)
David Naugle Endowed Scholarship


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