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Repository of creative inspiration

King's Kaleidoscope

King's Kaleidoscope is an alternative rock band. Their style is genuinely creative and refreshing in the world of the Christian genre of music. Their focus on recapturing child-like faith, pushing boundaries, and reflecting a deep, intense vulnerability and love of the craft inspires me. They are also humble and show appreciation for tradition through their renditions of hymns.

Bible Project

A scholar and design artist team up to create the most accessible, rich, and in-depth resources on the Bible on the internet. They unfold the Bible in faithful, intentional, deep ways that draw on the creative talent of many, reaching new understandings through art, video, and conversation.

Sword and Pencil (Josh Nadeau)

Josh combines in-depth theology with a humble understanding of humanity. The complexities we face in life, even when we submit to the Bible, are unfolded in his work. They are creative in connecting ideas. He too stays faithful to church fathers and tradition (all while being a whiskey and cigar guy). Our art somewhat overlaps in style and vision.

Alabaster Bibles

Alabaster Bibles use modern art (non-representational) art to purvey the beauty of the Bible. It does this through design and photography. It brings a lightness to reading the Bible, allowing space for illustrations and ease. Though their minimalist could cynically be seen as trendy, their execution and thoughtfulness inspire me.

John Morell

The most loyal friend, and a faithful artist in matters of the gospel. He is the most sincere human I've met, because of Christ living through him. He displays vulnerability and true care in the craft. A genuine creative genius that sees deeply hidden connections in life, language, and truth. His design and photography glorify God in their excellence. It is genuinely hard to select from his art

Makoto Fujimura

Fujimura is a writer and artist. He crafts massive canvases of paint using ancient Japanese techniques called Nihonga, using deliberately slow techniques to preserve tradition and thoughtfulness. While his artistry is lauded by the “secular” art world, he also leads much of the art world that follows Jesus. His written work unearths biblical insight into art's gratuity and the space for Christian creativity in the modern world.

Enjoy this artistic medley, this brief compilation of ever-changing creative inspirations. In a year, it will include dozens of other sources. In two, it could include dozens more, but this snapshot is fun for now.

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