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A professional picture of Mark Legg

Need help writing?

It’s hard, impossible even, to find the time to write. That doesn’t mean your insights, teaching, or story shouldn’t be put into words.

  • I'll author blog posts for websites,

  • turn teaching content into posts,

  • transform podcasts into articles,

  • give feedback on academic papers,

  • conduct research for your project,

  • or even write your book. 

For those of you already writing (whether you want to or not), it’s notoriously difficult. Let me help.

I’m always open to ideas, so let’s get in touch for a free consultation.

I recommend Mark Legg with great enthusiasm. He is a brilliant thinker, gifted writer, and godly servant of Christ. It is a privilege to be his partner in kingdom service."

 Jim Denison, PhD, CEO and founder of Denison Ministries 

 “I’ve observed, admired, and collaborated with Mark Legg on several projects in the last few years. His insight, research and writings skills are exceptional. Mark combines theological depth, wisdom, and practical application that produce life change. More importantly, he lives his faith in winsome ways that validate his work.”


Mark Turman, DMin, Executive Director of Denison Forum 

Mark Legg was an invaluable member of our content team, and his thoughtful, smartly structured articles routinely garnered the most reads on our website. His skills as a writer may only be matched by his adeptness at research. Plus, he was easy to work with and could always be trusted to complete his work on time and with maximum effort. Simply put, he'll make your work better."

Blake Atwood, Denison Forum Editorial Director



Website & blog posts

For your blog, website, business, or church, you need content to draw an audience. You might have plenty of ideas and need a wordsmith or maybe you need original content. Either way, I can write and post articles to drive traffic to your website with quality, SEO-friendly content. 


This service includes ready-to-post articles.


Developmental editing & tutoring

“Developmental editing” includes answering questions like, “Does this essay flow well?,” “Is this argument cohesive?,” “How could I improve my style?,” etc. This is a fantastic choice for students of all levels. No matter the subject, I can sharpen your writing and strengthen your paper.

This service includes numerous comments and suggestions on your essay or manuscript and Zoom consultation.



Research needs a second set of eyes (and brain!) I can dive into the academic jargon and come to the surface with solid references and sound inferences. Let me alleviate the headache of dense and difficult research projects.

This service includes summaries of works, citations, and content from research.

Get in touch


I'm also open to other proposals, including writing your book. 


Let's keep this simple, shall we? No forms, nothing confusing. 


Shoot me an email at


Detail your proposal, ballpark budget, and a bit of who you are.


Or, feel free to send me a WhatsApp message @ +1 903 283 1717

(I'm living abroad about now)  

Sample my work


I’ve written over 100 articles for Denison Forum accumulating over 400,000 page views. The subjects include book reviews, current events, politics, and theology. Visit my author page and take a gander.


Here are a few of my favorites:


I’ve written nearly a dozen long-form essays for Denison Forum. I was the resident researcher and author for the topic of the Gen Z cohort, in addition to several other subjects. You can find my white paper and other content about Gen Z hereFor another one of my favorites, check out "What does the Bible say about work?"


I've co-authored a chapter with Dr. Jim Denison for the IACE's forthcoming book on evangelism (published by Crossway). I've written chapters for "Biblical Insight into Tough Questions Vol. 11" and "Vol. 12," and co-authored Denison Forum's forthcoming book on biblical sexuality. I've been working with my dad Chris Legg, LPC, to publish his book on Christian sex and marriage. I can send samples from these upon request. 


Check out the blog I call "Agape, Sophia" for informal philosophical essays and personal reflectionsI’ve written science fiction short stories, started a novel or two (who hasn't?), and generally have a blast writing down and exploring existential ideas

I’ve written several academic papers from my undergraduate degree, such as "The Philosophy of the Brahman: The Advaita Vedanta Perspective with a Christian Response” and “Exegesis and Translation of John 15:12-17." 


I can send you my thesis paper, "On Aquinas' Rejection of the Ontological Argument" upon request. Fair warning: It's over 40 pages. 

For more, please refer to my CV.

Thanks for having a look around, 

Mark Legg, freelance writing. 

Reader feedback

Sally McAfee

“I alway enjoy Mark Legg’s articles, but this one was on point about how we read news these days and how depressing that leaves us. I think all want to be well informed, but need a different approach. Thanks for these positive ideas!” 
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